Growing Brands on Amazon in the UK, Europe and North America

Providing Sellers and Vendors support through account management, advertising management, marketing, consulting, translation and localisation.

Supporting brands for long-term success on Amazon in Europe and North America

Whilst Amazon is the biggest and most successful online retailer in the world, that doesn’t mean it is easy to work with them. To work with Amazon as a vendor or seller you are required to be self-sufficient and technologically minded. Amazon is like no other, they have their own systems, their own way of doing things and speak their own language. They are evolving daily, what was a selling strategy today may not be tomorrow.

We are a team of ex Amazonians and Amazon experts, with over 20 years experience working with Amazon in the UK, EU and US. We have experience within vendor management, seller support, ads management, copywriting, site merchandising and marketing. We can help you grow your sales on Amazon and take your account to the next level. From start-ups to multi-national global brands, we tailor our services depending on your experience, needs and budget.

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Amazon Vendors

You assume that by working with Amazon direct you will receive bulk orders and Amazon will do all they can to sell your products. You’ll soon realize that is not the case. Despite working with Amazon as a wholesaler, you still need to take ownership of your sales and manage the merchandising and marketing of your account.

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Amazon Sellers

In theory the idea seems simple: create a Seller Central account, add some products and wait for the sales to pour in. You’ll soon realize this isn’t the case. Your products are not appearing on the first few pages of search results, your conversion is low and sales are dripping instead of pouring in. 

Let us show you how we can help you grow your sales on Amazon

Ecommerce Nurse Limited is part of Amazon's Service Provider Network.

An Amazon approved Service Provider for Account Management, Enhanced Brand Content, Listing Optimization, Training and Advertising Management.

eCommerce Nurse offers a wide range of services for Vendors and Sellers

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We’re here to show you how’s it’s done in the Amazon way and have some fun along the way. 

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