5 benefits of FeedbackFive and how to leverage it for your business

8 March, 2021
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This guest blog is from our partners at eComEngine. At eCommerce Nurse, we frequently use FeedbackFive software to manage customer communication for many of our clients. We recommend this strategy to businesses large and small to avoid issues and more efficiently manage your seller reputation. This blog will share the basics of how to use this valuable tool and explain some of the benefits.


Want to know something that all the best Amazon sellers in the world have in common? The answer, while seemingly simple, can be anything but: A proven, successful feedback and review strategy. For many, including some of those same merchants, this starts and stops with FeedbackFive.

eComEngine’s flagship product allows sellers to automatically follow up with buyers to request seller feedback, product reviews, and ratings with Amazon compliant messages. 

Launched in 2009 as the first Amazon feedback software of its kind, this powerful tool sends over 1 million emails daily on behalf of tens of thousands of sellers in over 100 countries and across 16 marketplaces.

Whether you’re familiar with the software or are just being introduced, here are five benefits of FeedbackFive and how you can leverage them for your Amazon business. Some of them will probably surprise you!

Automated feedback and review requests

Many Amazon shoppers still fail to leave reviews unless prompted. Plus, those with negative experiences are usually the ones more motivated to do so, often in the form of a written review for everyone to see. So, how can you combat this two-headed monster?

Simply sending a request not only helps you get more reviews and feedback in general, but it helps lessen the effects of any negative ratings received by also reaching out to satisfied buyers who may not have felt compelled to leave feedback on their own.

Automating your requests with FeedbackFive allows you to send the right message at the right time based on your own criteria for buyers. The software gives you two great options for doing so with several additional ways to customize your campaigns.

Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging: Using the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system with FeedbackFive is perfect for anyone interested in sending branded or customized requests. But because customization is possible, you can inadvertently violate Amazon policies, so be sure to review all applicable rules beforehand. Default seller feedback and product review request templates are available within the tool, and our dedicated team is available to answer questions and provide guidance.

Amazon Request a Review Messages: Another option is using FeedbackFive to automate official Amazon Request a Review messages just like the system behind the button in Seller Central. Amazon sends a combined seller feedback and product review request to buyers on your behalf and they can’t be edited, so you know that they’ll always be compliant with Amazon policies.

Selecting the specific timing of your requests and excluding certain orders, ASINs, and even fulfillment channels are some of the key features you can employ for more targeted campaigns.

For example, some products may require buyers to spend more time with them before it would make sense to leave feedback, so you probably want those emails going out later. And, in general practice, you may want to avoid sending emails to anyone who received a late order, was a repeat buyer, is located in a different country, requested a refund, or experienced a shipping error. FeedbackFive makes it possible to do all that and more in a fraction of the time it would take for you to manually do so.

Review monitoring

Tracking product reviews is another time-consuming task, especially if you have a large product catalog. But this crucial step can yield a ton of useful information about your products, including possible supplier-related quality issues, lifecycle stage considerations, and new bundle opportunities.

You should also monitor more than just your own items. Keeping an eye on competitor ASINs is key for gathering market intelligence and identifying ways to make your products shine where others fall short.

FeedbackFive makes it easy to track any ASINs that you’re currently selling, are considering selling, or are being sold by competitors. To get started, go to the Product Reviews page on your account and click Add/Remove ASINs to select items from your catalog, paste them directly into the tool, or add them from a file. 

FeedbackFive will import any reviews left on those items in the past 90 days. Search, sort, and filter the reviews to see common trends, identify problem ASINs, and individually monitor both parent and child product reviews, something that can otherwise be difficult to do as Amazon places them all together on the parent product’s page.

Detailed product review analytics are available for every item, with interactive charts and graphs delivering a helpful visual representation of the product’s reputation on the marketplace.

FeedbackFive Product Review Analytics

Seller feedback and product review alerts

With FeedbackFive, you don’t have to stay logged in to stay up to date on what shoppers are saying about you and your products. Because monitoring your seller and product reputation is so important, the software can send you automated alerts for any new feedback and product review ratings received.

Simply select which ASINs you wish to be notified about and set up your alert options, which include the type of feedback submitted (negative, positive, or both), delivery method (email and/or text message), and timing (individually or a daily digest sent at a specified time).

Amazon currently doesn’t notify merchants when new feedback or reviews are left, so if you’re not continually checking your product pages, you’re either completely in the dark or constantly a step behind. By enabling these alerts, FeedbackFive keeps you in the loop while you tackle other tasks and allows you to take quicker action in the event of a negative rating.

Review, feedback, and email campaign analytics

While measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns previously left you in murky waters, FeedbackFive’s Campaign Analytics page gives you a much clearer view. 

Use this page to dig deeper into the performance of your campaigns and see how they’re impacting the number of feedbacks, reviews, and ratings received. This includes requests sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging and Request a Review.

FeedbackFive Email Campaign Analytics

The Products Metrics Table is another interactive feature that shows you the average star rating, total ratings, orders, emails, reviews, and feedback received for each of the products that you’ve sent requests for. 

FeedbackFive Products

Use this information to identify your top performers and pinpoint struggling ASINs that may need product improvements or would benefit from changes to your email strategy.

International marketplace support

Selling internationally is an exciting opportunity to expand your business and bring in more revenue. FeedbackFive currently supports 16 Amazon marketplaces, including:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Turkey
  • UAE
  • UK
  • US

If you sell on one or more of these marketplaces, you can add additional stores to your account and toggle between them to manage campaigns for each of them.

FeedbackFive also affords international sellers another key advantage: Communication with buyers being translated into the buyer’s language of choice for many of its marketplaces. 

What used to be a common courtesy (and something that greatly increased your odds of receiving a rating) is now required by Amazon’s updated communication guidelines concerning buyer-seller messages. At this time, when you connect your MWS credentials for Brazil, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, or Turkey, you’ll have access to professionally translated default email templates in each country’s language. (Note that triggering the Amazon Request a Review button with FeedbackFive sends out a request that’s automatically translated in the buyer’s chosen language.)

There are many reasons why you should choose professional translation over machine-based tools like Google Translate or others found from a quick web search. eCommerce Nurse is well-versed in this area and offers certified, native translation services to support global sellers.

FeedbackFive: Track, manage, and improve your seller and product reputations

As you can see, FeedbackFive is so much more than a simple seller feedback software that gets you more ratings. Its detailed analytics deliver insightful information that can influence everything from current and future campaigns to important inventory and business decisions.

Four affordable pricing plans are available, with support for small (those who send around 50 emails a month) to large-volume sellers (big brands who require upwards of 1 million). 

Features vary by plan level, so be sure to pick a plan that meets your needs. And while 1P merchants are unable to send feedback or review requests through Amazon’s API, vendors can still take advantage of FeedbackFive’s review monitoring.

Start a 14-day free trial today or schedule a free demo to see FeedbackFive in action.

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